Mastergold HSP 15W-40

Mastergold HSP 15W-40

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Mastergold HSP 15W-40

Ambra Mastergold HSP 15W-40 is a multigrade motor oil with high performance and was developed specially for to ensure the highest possible protection for New Holland vehicles.

  • High dispersion for efficient control over the thickening due to soot, which forms during the normal combustion of the engine at low emissions, and the the resulting maintainance of the lubrication properties.
  • High protection against wear from soot particularly in steering systems (cam, tappet, rocker arm, when present)
  • Optimum wear-prevention properties, to prevent the wear that forms due to the high mechanical loads which affect the couplings of the elastic piston ring / cylinder liners, which ensures a high level of control over the oil usage.
  • High continuous stability of the neutralising properties of the combustion chambers in case of using high-sulphur fuel (up to 0.5%).
  • High anti-corrosive and anti-foaming properties even for non-ferrous materials.

Usage Recommendations

Ambra Mastergold HSP 15W-40 can be used between -25°C and +40°C. Oil change intervals according to manufacturer specifications.

Il numero di particolare del fabbricante 14814521
Campo operatorio Trattore
Realizzato ACEA E7
Cummins CES 20072
Cummins CES 20076
Cummins CES 20077
Cummins CES 20078
MB 228.3
NH 330 H
SAE 15W-40
Viscosità 15W-40
Identificatori EAN/GTIN 8001238274760


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