Turbo LD 15W-40

Turbo LD 15W-40

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Turbo LD 15W-40

Urania Turbo LD 15W-40 is a mineral motor oil developed specifically to meet the requirements posed by IVECO, while also being suitable for commercial vehicles and turbocharger engines of all makes and performance grades, as well as for light commercial vehicles and naturally aspirated engines. URANIA TURBO LD reduces oil usage up to 30%.


The main features of URANIA TURBO LD are:
  • Extended oil service intervals up to 50,000 km
  • 50% better engine protection against impurities and acids that result from the burning of high sulphur diesel
  • Maximum protection against wear, even for extreme usage conditions
  • Optimally protects against dirt deposits at high temperatures
  • Allows the engine to start easily at low temperatures
  • A constant flow of lubrication in any weather
URANIA TURBO LD surpasses the technical requirements and qualitative expectations of all European manufacturers of commercial vehicles, and can therefore be used in all turbo-diesel, diesel and naturally aspirated engines, regardless of type, brand and performance grade.

Usage Description

The following service intervals are recommended:
  • every 20,000 km for vehicles which experience extreme conditions of use and
  • every 50,000 km for vehicles, which are used day-to-day and for long distances

Recommended by:

Approved by:
Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, MACK

Il numero di particolare del fabbricante 13335015
Campo operatorio Camion
Realizzato ACEA E3
Allison C-4
MAN M3275
MAN QC 13-017
MB 228.3
Renault RVI RLD
SAE 15W-40
Volvo VDS-2
Viscosità 15W-40
Serie Minerale
Identificatori EAN/GTIN 8001238833264


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